There are a lot of questions surrounding the popular gambling card game of blackjack - Is blackjack a game of luck or can you actually strategize to win? Do you need to be a mathematician to win at blackjack? How can a player increase his or her chances of hitting it big in casino blackjack? There are just as many philosophies that attempt to answer these questions.

There is one school of philosophy that views the game of blackjack purely as a gambling game. This school proclaims that there are absolutely no skills or strategies that can help a player to win at blackjack. The game's outcome is based purely on luck. However, many other philosophies of blackjack gaming have proven these claims to be incorrect. There certainly are skills and strategies that a player can learn to improve his or her odds in blackjack.

Skills like card counting and learning about blackjack odds can greatly enhance a player's success rate in blackjack. Many people believe that in order to successfully count cards or understand blackjack odds a player must possess a mathematical mind. This supposition may be due, in part, to stories and movies about MIT students heading to Vegas to hit it big at the blackjack table. However, while being good at math and statistics is definitely beneficial to a player that is trying to count cards or use probabilities, any player can learn these skills with practice and put them to use.

It is also important to note that, while using probabilities and counting cards can greatly improve your success, even the most mathematical brain won't boast a 100% success rate in blackjack. However, the odds of winning or losing consecutive hands fluctuate and by learning and understanding these mathematical skills a player can certainly put the odds in his favor and build his bankroll over a series of games, going home a winner.