Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong

Have you ever gone to a live casino, armed with "basic strategy" for blackjack only to find that the rules differed slightly from what you were expecting, throwing your whole strategy off? Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong is designed to help players avoid this by arming them with basic blackjack strategy for any game variation or occasion.

Basic Blackjack starts out with an explanation of basic blackjack strategy and common rule variations. Wong goes into everything from deck number to dealer hitting or standing on soft 17, payouts, doubling down, splitting, surrendering and more. Anything with rules that vary between games is mentioned. Wong then explains how these varying rules and game variations can affect optimum strategy. He offers solutions aimed to help blackjack players arm themselves with the appropriate basic strategy for any event.

The end of the book includes a series of chapters about Tells, Warps and Other Tricks. These chapters include valuable information taken from Wong's earlier book Winning Without Counting, which is no longer in print.

Basic Blackjack should be a part of every serious blackjack player's book collection. The book compiles a great deal of useful information that can give players of all skill levels an edge in the game of blackjack.