Best Blackjack by Frank Scoblete

Looking for a book that can turn you into the best blackjack player you can be? Frank Scoblete's Best Blackjack can do just that! This book shows you all of the insider tricks of blackjack professions so that you can up your game and gain a greater edge over the casinos.

For blackjack newbies, Best Blackjack offers introductory chapters on how the game is played and basic strategy for single-deck and multiple-deck blackjack games. Scoblete then goes on to teach readers a few easy-to-use card counting techniques, tips on how to take advantage of sloppy blackjack dealers, how to manage your blackjack bankroll, and more. Best Blackjack even lets readers in on a secret about getting the casinos to pay you extra money for playing blackjack!

Unlike other blackjack books that present blackjack rules and blackjack strategy in a dull and hard-to-get-through list of facts and figures, Scoblete's Best Blackjack brings in the human element. Scoblete touches on the emotional impact of the game, blackjack myths, experiences, theories, secrets and more. When you've finished reading the book, rest assured you will have all the knowledge you need to be the best blackjack player you can be!