Blackjack Secrets by Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong is known as one of the foremost authorities on the game of blackjack and its strategies. With a number of bestselling blackjack books, including his popular book Professional Blackjack, Wong is highly revered in the world of blackjack gaming. His book Blackjack Secrets is yet another of Wong's best works-it comes highly recommended for blackjack players of all skill levels.

Blackjack Secrets starts out with a brief, yet complete, introduction to the game of blackjack and basic strategy. Wong then goes on to describe the Hi-Lo card counting strategy in detail. The Hi-Lo method is one of the simplest and easy-to-learn card counting methods, but don't let its simplicity fool you. The Hi-Lo card counting method is also one of the most powerful and effective.

After describing this system, Wong goes on to give players advice on a variety of topics including how to win without getting barred, comps, the possibility of dealer cheating, whether a player should consider going pro and more. Blackjack Secrets also includes a section on Double Exposure Blackjack-a rare variation of the game that, if found in a casino, can be highly profitable.

With all of this great information, it's hard to believe that Wong's Blackjack Secrets is only 256 pages! Even if you have already read all of Wong's other books and articles and don't use the Hi-Lo card counting system, Blackjack Secrets is worth a read and can help you on your way to becoming the best blackjack player you can be.