Casino Tournament Strategy by Stanford Wong

Stanford Wong's Casino Tournament Strategy is one of the best books on casino tournament play there is. It covers all of the most popular tournament games including blackjack, craps, baccarat, keno and horses. However, the first 120-page section on blackjack casino tournament play is enough to make reading the book worthwhile.

Considering that Stanford Wong is one of the most prominent authorities on blackjack it is no surprise that Casino Tournament Strategy includes a wealth of information about the game. It treats blackjack strategy differently than Wong's other books, as in tournament play the players must play against each other, as well as against the dealer.

Wong begins his book with an introduction to tournament blackjack, including generic basic blackjack strategy that can be used in all game variations. Wong then gets into the tournament world of competing against players at all tables and explains how the tournament format works. He give players tips on money management and progression betting, explains what to do when you fall behind, and talks about strategic betting from early on in the tournament all the way up to the final hand.

If you are planning to play blackjack competitively then this book is a must read. When read alongside Wong's other books on blackjack strategy it can turn you into a player at the top in blackjack casino tournament play.