Twenty-First Century Blackjack by Walter Thomason

Walter Thomason published Twenty-First Century Blackjack at the end of 1999-just in time for the 21st century. The book offers a fresh look at blackjack strategy and shares a unique system that can increase your winnings even if you aren't interested in learning how to count cards. Thomason's system is a four-step progressive betting system that should not be substituted for card counting. However, when paired with basic strategy, Four-Step Positive Progression can greatly enhance a player's winnings.

To prove that his Four-Step Positive Progression system is better than flat betting or raising and lowering bets with card counting, Thomason uses Twenty-First Century Blackjack to illustrate research that he has done to prove that his system works. Thomason conducted field test with other blackjack industry professionals. All three betting styles were used over hundreds of thousands of hands and Thomason's system came out on top.

Throughout the pages of the book, Thomason shows you how to use his system and explains how and why it works. Additionally, expert blackjack authority Frank Scoblete backs Thomason's method and even wrote the book's introduction. If you are a blackjack player looking to increase your winnings without counting cards, Twenty-First Century Blackjack is a must read.