The game of Double Attack Blackjack is a truly unique blackjack variation. While it is based on standard blackjack rules, Double Attack Blackjack has a lot of twists-changing up the standard rules to create a new exciting blackjack game.

The first thing that differentiates Double Attack Blackjack from other blackjack games is that it utilizes eight "Spanish" decks of cards. Spanish decks are 48-card decks-a 52-card deck without the four tens.

The next difference begins right from the start of the game. Players place their bets and the dealer begins to deal out cards to each player. However, after the dealer has dealt the first card, which is his own up card, and before he deals out any cards to the players, players have the option to "Double Attack". A player may "Double Attack" by raising his bet up to the amount of the original wager. If the player splits later in the game he must match his Double Attack bet. However, if the player doubles down later in the game he need only double up to his original bet. Players who surrender will receive half of their Double Attack bet.

Once players who opt in have placed their Double Attack bets the dealer deals two cards to each player. Based on each player's cards and the dealers up card, each player must decide to hit, stand, split, double down or take insurance. Then, the dealer reveals his hole card and winners are determined.

Game specific rules are as follows:

  • Double Attack Blackjack is played with eight 48-card Spanish decks
  • The dealer stands on "soft 17" (Ace-6)
  • The dealer peeks for blackjack when players take insurance

  • Payout for insurance is 5:2
  • Players may double down after splitting
  • Aces may be split only once and when split only receive one additional card
  • All pairs except for Aces may be re-split up to 3 or 4 hands (it depends on the casino where you are playing)
  • Blackjack payout is even money
  • Players may double down or surrender at any point in the game, including after they split
  • There is no re-doubling down

Another thing that makes Double Attack Blackjack unique is additional "BustIt" side bet options. Players may place a "BustIt" bet that will be paid out if the dealer busts with exactly three cards. There are different payouts based on which three cards the dealer busts with:

  • Dealer busts with suited 8-8-8 - Payout 200:1
  • Dealer busts with colored 8-8-8 - Payout 50:1
  • Dealer busts with 6 - Payout 15:1
  • Dealer busts with 7 - Payout 10:1
  • Dealer busts with 8 - Payout 8:1
  • Dealer busts with 9 - Payout 6:1
  • Dealer busts with a face card - 3:1

It is important to note that Double Attack Blackjack basic strategy differs from other blackjack variations because of the fact that Spanish card decks are used with four less cards with a value of 10. The chart below shows the basic strategy for Double Attack Blackjack. Additionally, according to statistics the player should only raise in the Double Attack round when the dealer's up card is 2 through 8.

Double Attack Blackjack